When there is no mode of transportation to coastal destinations, ferry travel comes into play. From enjoying a unique journey experience to saving money, this is an all-time convenient way of traveling preferred by people.

When it comes to reliable ferry bookings, the DFDS name comes first. DFDS is a Danish shipping and logistics company that is known for having the largest ferry network in Europe. In more than 20 countries, its ferry routes and facilities for transportation and trade are spreading. Begin your voyage with your car, pets, and high-quality luggage effortlessly, and explore Europe with various DFDS ferry routes.

Here are the four major ferry routes of DFDS.

Savor Traveling on the Four Major Ferry Routes of DFDS

Since 1886, DFDS has been providing its freight services at affordable prices. Various ports are connected through its network, including those in Norway, the UK, Ireland, France, and the Baltic regions.

The following list comprises the 4 main DFDS ferry routes out of their extensive network.

Klaipeda to Kiel Ferry Crossing 

The crossing between Klaipeda and Kiel will be perfect for accessing Western Europe and Germany. On this overnight ferry, travelers are provided with the freedom of a self-drive holiday by DFDS. Moreover, this ferry service offers six weekly departures, which increases flexibility for travelers and provides more options for choosing departure times as per their convenience.

One of the best facilities you can obtain from this ferry trip is saving on pre-ordering meals online. When it comes to onboard restaurants on the DFDS Klaipeda to Kiel ferry, the Mare Balticum and 7 Seas Buffet offer a wide range of delicious meals and beverages. For booking the Klaipeda to Kiel ferry, you will charge EUR44 (per person in a 4-bed cabin).

Book ferries from Klaipeda to Kiel to explore the bustling cities of Hamburg and Berlin. 

Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Crossing

Get ready to familiarize yourself with European culture, adventure, and mesmerizing landscapes with Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry trip. This sea-bound journey takes you into an unforgettable experience where you can explore the historical attractions of Amsterdam, and the brilliant architecture of Brussels.

The ferry ride from Newcastle to Amsterdam takes around 16 hours and 45 minutes. You can enjoy traditional cuisine at the tantalizing restaurant, North Sea Brsito, on this ferry trip. Book ferries from Newcastle to Amsterdam in just EUR 56. 

Moreover, the best thing is that you can save up to 20 percent on your early booking of this Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry crossing on DFDS.

Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry Crossing

This ferry to Norway brings an unforgettable experience to your life. Within 19 hours, you will complete your voyage from Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry. If you book this travel on the water for 1 person, it will cost you EUR 523.00, in which car transportation, a 1-bed Commodore de Luxe, and an ETS surcharge are included.

There are plenty of things provided onboard, of which Bubble Zone is the most prominent, allowing you to swim in Jacuzzi pools. There are three restaurants and a café, namely 7 Seas, Little Italy, Blue Riband, and Coffee Crew, available to satisfy your hunger. If you want to enjoy the different cultures of Denmark and Norway together, booking ferries from Copenhagen to Oslo is an ideal way. 

Rosslare to Dunkirk Ferry Crossing

You can take a novel approach to your French road trip with the Rosslare to Dunkirk ferry. This trip starts for as little as EUR 450, which includes all onboard meals and normal cabin fees. Keep in mind that this fixed pricing is based on the basic one-way charge of a car for a maximum of 4 people. 

Of all, you can bring your car, pet, or any other type of vehicle with you on this ferry as one of the onboard amenities. To ride with the waves, book ferries from DFDS Rosslare to Dunkirk.

DFDS is an ideal option for ferry travel, providing a vast network throughout Europe. DFDS offers low-cost, welcoming, and well-equipped travel on its four main routes: Rosslare to Dunkirk, Kiel to Kiel, Newcastle to Amsterdam, and Copenhagen to Oslo. DFDS guarantees a flawless experience with lavish comforts for anything from self-drive holidays to cultural activities. With DFDS ferry services, kick off an unforgettable journey and experience the allure of European locations.

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