Cleaning products for home should be manufactured with high quality material and free from harsh chemicals. Due to that it reduces the risk of skin irritation and respiratory issues while ensuring that your clothes and dishes are hygienically clean. High quality cleaning products are highly expensive and mostly out of budget but one store that provides these premium quality cleaning products at affordable prices is Dropps.


Dropps is a certified B corporation who has a mission to reduce the use of plastic and offer sustainable cleaning solutions which help to remove stains from your dishes and clothes. Its solutions are reliable as they can be used on sensitive skins as its formula is enzyme free etc.


Here are some laundry and dishes cleaning solutions by Dropps


Odor & Stain Detergent 

This odor and stain detergent is to banish bad scents and tackle tough stains on clothes which are powered by targeted enzymes and bio based ingredients. It gives a long lasting freshness to clothes and removes the slighted smell from clothes. 


  • It is manufactured from bi based ingredients which get rid of bad stains

  • It has a crisp breeze scent which gives freshness 

  • It has a recyclable package which makes it environmentally friendly



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Want to remove hard stains yet have fresh scent in your clothes,  buy Odor And Stain Detergent for $19.50

Fabric Softener

This fabric softener makes you cloth fluffy with their mineral powered pods which also add softness and freshness. You won`t find any harsh chemicals or preservatives in their pods so your fabrics can breathe easy and avoid any buildup of synthetic residue, which can be harsh on skin.


  • It has bentonite which help to enhance the softness in your clothes

  • It gives long lasting freshness to clothes 

  • This softener has Lavender Eucalyptus scent 



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You want to care for your fabric while ensuring that the fabric is clean from bad odors,  buy Fabric Softener for $18.75

UltraWash Dishwasher Detergent

This ultra wash dishwasher detergent helps to remove coffee stains to day-old eggs stains as it breaks down grease and stucks-on food for spotless shine and fresh scent every time. It is manufactured with food fighting enzymes and advanced stain removers which makes the dishes clean and shiny.


  • It has a bio based formula which minimized the environmental impact

  • It cuts through tough grease stains and blasts stuck-on food residue

  • It has a lemon citrus scent which create a fresh aura



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To keep your dishes clean and sparkling,  buy UltraWash Dishwasher Detergent for $18.75

Swedish DishCloths

You can replace paper towels with durable and reusable dishcloths, like wipe, wash and reuse. It can tackle your toughest cleaning jobs easily with these Swedish dishcloths and make paper towels your past.


  • These dishcloths are biodegradable and compostable.

  • They are durable and can replace multiple rolls of paper towel 

  • These cloths are highly absorbent, capable of holding up to 20 times their weight in liquid



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Want a cloth which prevents the growth of bacteria and odors buy Swedish DishCloths for $12.00.


Dropps offers a range of eco-friendly laundry and dish detergents designed to provide effective cleaning while minimizing environmental impact. By using biodegradable ingredients and innovative packaging solutions, Dropps helps reduce single-use plastic waste and environmental pollution. 


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