With a focus on providing value-based, tech-enabled product improvements based on traveler requirements, the Goibibo online travel brand has successfully secured its position as the second-largest OTA brand in the nation. The consolidation is further supported by a 65% increase in users who transact since January 2022.

OF New Users, 48%

Additionally, Goibibo has been experiencing growth from markets in tiers 2, 3, and above. Recently, nearly 48% of new users and app downloads nationwide come from smaller communities. In addition to these expansions, the business has observed a rise in the number of users choosing segment-specific features like Price lock for flights and go-Confirmed tickets for trains, as well as innovative price offerings like Daily steal deals that have the guarantee greater value and additional benefits, when making travel arrangements.

Said, Vipul Prakash

The Chief Operating Officer of Goibibo, Vipul Prakash, stated, "We are overjoyed by the success our most recent value-driven innovations have attained. We will continue to push hard on invitations as we work to further establish our position as India`s second-largest OTA brand to make sure that Goibibo is seen as the first stop for the savvy traveler.

Re: Goibibo

Goibibo is the second-largest OTA in India and the industry leader in online travel reservations, offering customers a wide selection of hotels, trains, flights, buses, and cars. What sets setups apart in core values is the most dependable user experience, whether in terms of the quickest search and booking, the quickest payments, settlement, or refund processes.