Improving your lifestyle doesn't come without healthy eating habits. On a busy day, takeout seems to be an easy option but junk food is packed with oil and harmful spices that can lead to multiple health problems like heart problems, obesity, bloating, and whatnot. Convenience shouldn't cost you medical bills, rather replace these unhealthy calorie intakes with healthier options like Optislim’s healthy meals. 

Optislim is a brand that is dedicated to providing effective solutions for weight loss and overall well-being. It is prominent in the weight management industry, specializing in meal replacement products. Optislim has a wide range of healthy meals and it only takes 90 seconds to prepare them. Here are some of the tastiest Optislim means

Green Thai Chicken Curry and Veg with Brown Rice & Quinoa (300g)

Thai cuisine is celebrated for its balance of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy tastes, and green curry is a quintessential representation of this culinary harmony. This dish is rich in flavor and a healthy choice. The result is a flavorful, aromatic, and satisfying meal that is both nourishing and delicious. The creamy, spicy curry is balanced by the nutty, earthy grains, making it a well-rounded dish suitable for various palates.


Green Curry Paste: This is a flavorful fusion of spices and herbs.

Spinach: It adds Nutrition and is flavorful, a healthy boost.

Galangal: it gives the dish earthy and aromatic, with a warm and welcoming flavor.


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Malaysian Satay Chicken and Vegetables with Brown Rice & Quinoa (300g)

Healthy food doesn't always have to be boring, you can eat healthy and still satisfy your taste buds. Satay is a Southeast Asian dish with various regional versions, but the Malaysian version is renowned for its vibrant spices and creamy, nutty sauce. The meal pairs it with brown rice and quinoa, a contemporary addition that enhances the dish with wholesome grains.

Main Ingredients

Potato: it adds a Soft and fluffy twist to the dish, it is a comforting starchy companion.

Cooked Chicken Breast Meat: It is a source of protein and adds to the texture of the curry

Baby Corn: Baby corn adds Sweetness and a tender texture


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Beef Stroganoff with Brown Rice and Quinoa (300g)

If chicken is not your preferred choice of protein then you can go for beef. This meal on the menu is a beef option for people who don't want to eat chicken or simply love beef. Enriched with flavor, beef stroganoff is served with a blend of brown rice and quinoa which is a nutritious and fiber-rich addition so that you won't get hungry very soon again.

Main Ingredient

Mushroom: it incorporates earthy and savory, a flavorful addition

Beef: Hearty and savory and adds a meaty delight 


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Beef Stroganoff with Brown Rice and Quinoa (300g) is one of the best beef meals on the menu available for a regular price of $8.00

Thai Pumpkin and Coconut with Konjac Noodles (350g)

 Made from the konjac root, known for being low-calorie and low-carb. The noodles are cooked in coconut and pumpkin. The coconut milk's creaminess and the pumpkin's sweetness give a delightful taste to satisfy your craving for something tasty when you are practicing a healthy diet or on a weight loss journey.


Carrot: it includes Crunchiness and sweetness to the meal.

Red Curry Paste: This brings a Spicy and aromatic touch to the flavorful fusion.


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Vegetarian Tikka Masala with Brown Rice & Quinoa (300g)

Low-calorie products that are also vegetarian are hard to find. Usually, vegetarian food options are rich in calories but you don't have to worry as there are many vegetarian options available at Optislim. Vegetarian Tikka Masala with Brown Rice & Quinoa is made with 100% plant-based ingredients so you can enjoy a delicious tikka flavor meal without a lot of calories.


Garam Masala Powder: This Warm and aromatic blend of spices adds a fragrant flavor

Guar Gum: It thickens and stabilizes the sauce 

Coconut Milk: it is a rich and creamy ingredient that adds a luxurious texture.


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Optislim food choices are the best to feel full afterward, this not only helps you get good nutrients but also stops you from binging on snacks. It is a great way of losing weight without eating bland tasteless food especially when you don't get time to prepare diet food at home because of your hectic schedule. Keep your body happy and make better food choices with Optislim to stay healthy.


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