With many school districts offering flexible learning arrangements for students due to the coronavirus pandemic, it,s important to ensure your students have access to quality technology products for the upcoming school year.



  • Best Laptop for Students, Apple MacBook Air 2020

  • Best USB Battery Pack, Mophie PowerStation PD

  • Best Computer Monitor under $200, Samsung C24F390

  • Best Wireless Headphones, Sony WH-1000X4

  • Best Headphones for Kids, Puro Sound Labs Puroquiet Kids Headphones


Apple MacBook Air 2020

The Mac Book Air M1, which has a record-breaking M1 processor, an extraordinarily smooth touchpad, and a keyboard, should come as no surprise given its nearly thirteen-hour battery life. The Mac Book Air is the ideal laptop for staying up late writing essays and viewing high-definition movies, unless your schools require Windows 10.



The Mac Book air is exceptional not only for its lightning-fast capabilities but also for its long battery life. We expected the advertised 15-hour battery life to be reduced to nine hours because our battery test consistently drains the laptops, batteries faster than they are supposed to. 

However, we only got close to 13 hours, which is exactly one hour less than the M1 MacBook Pro,s 13. Despite using the MacBook Air during working hours, we managed to go days without charging it even with that extra hour. Nearly as long as you can remain awake, this laptop can.


+ Jaw dropping battery life + incredible performance + iconic build quality 


_ Poor port selection 


Mophie PowerStation PD

A portable battery pack is very helpful to keep students, smartphones charged because it is no secret that students who attend in-person classes rely heavily on them throughout the day.

The Mophie PowerStation PD is a compact battery that measures little over 4 x 2 x 0.9 inches yet packs a powerful 6700 mAh. Through its USB-C or USB-A ports, which provide 18 and 14 Watts, respectively, this juice can be output. For heavy users during the workweek or to keep your Smartphone charged on a long flight, this battery pack is perfect.




+ Compact + fast charges times


_ No built in charging cables 

Samsung C24F390

Although using a second monitor won,t double the speed of schoolwork, it will undoubtedly help pupils be more productive. Thanks to the contrast ratio of its Vertical Alignment display panel, the Samsung C24F390 obviously outperforms other monitors in its class in terms of visual quality. 


Most budget displays simply exhibit a hazy, unimpressive gray in scenarios where this monitor can display deep, inky black levels. It is, nevertheless, far brighter than the rivals we tested in practical use. The C24F390 has a distinct advantage in movies and games, which appear vivid and clear on its screen, something you might not notice when editing a spreadsheet.


+ Great contrast ratio + vibrant colors + low price 


_ Flimsy stand only adjusts tilt _ low refresh rate

Sony WH-1000X4

A good set of noise-canceling headphones is a necessity for all students this school year, especially those who will be learning in noisy environments. The Sony WH-1000XM4 is the greatest wireless headset we,ve tested at Reviewed, and we,ve tried plenty of them over the years.



The 1000XM4 is a clear winner for students who want to concentrate on their studies while jamming out since it combines superb sound quality, all-day comfort, strong noise-canceling, and a fashionable design. They include a superb built-in mic that works well for video conversations, and they connect both wirelessly and over wires.


+ Excellent audio quality + top-notch noise canceling + all day comfort 


_ Effective operation has a learning curve

Puro Sound Labs Puroquiet Kids Headphones

From classroom computer learning games to video chats with the whole class, kids also need a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones to get their work done. Out of the nine child-friendly headphones our editors tested, the Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet Kids Headphones came out on top as the best headphones for kids, offering great sound and volume limiting to keep their hearing safe.



The recommended maximum of 85dBA isn,t extremely loud, even though volume-limiting headphones are essential for safeguarding your child,s hearing. By further attenuating background noise using noise cancellation, these headphones assist in finding a solution. 

For younger children who are likely to forget them somewhere (or just break them), headphones that cost approximately $100 (or higher) can be expensive, but for an older child who wants finer headphones, these are worth the expenditure.



+ Cuts ambient noise with no technical issue + safe for up to 8 hours + tangle free 


_ Very expensive